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I work 1 on 1 with my clients and I listen to you and would advise you if I think you were looking for something that would not suit you and would cost you a lot of money to keep it up as I'd rather have less from you and I'll be happier to see your hair in good condition as you're a walking advertisement of my work,that's the difference I offer at Chignon.
I have done hairdressing for 34 years and love it even more now since I've been self employed and practice what I believe in.
I like style,flair and elegance in the type of work that I do.. If you want to know if I can fix or make you look more beautiful feel free to contact me for a free consultation and go from there.

Since 30 years, salon stylist and owner Jean Lou is involved with hair dressing.

He works 1 on 1.

He specializes in cuts, foils, ladies, colours, tints and up styles. His popular trend is the elegant and sexy appearance with body and bounce.

Jean Lou adds brightness to the room always with his positive smile and attitude. He regularly offers everything needed to get the best of any kind of challenge

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I am quite satisfied with the service of Mr. Jean Lou who has done excellent hair dressing. He has helped me in choosing the colour and style. He has guided me for the tints and cuts. Now I have got an elegant look. I like his positive attitude. – Hannah Peiper, South Brisbane

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I am very happy with the tinting and cutting at the salon of Mr. Jean Lou. He has given my hair an elegant look. Being very talented, he has given great colour and style. I have never seen such a talented salon stylist before. He is quite dedicated in his profession and I look really sexy right now. -- Jack Anderson – South Brisbane.

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I have a wonderful experience of tinting, cutting and upstyle. He has followed the current trend and has given me an attractive look. Now I have plenty of admirers after getting a hair dressing from Mr. Jean Lou. I am pleased to see his positive attitude. – Olivia Briggs, South Brisbane.

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